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The Kwalee Approach to Dogs in the Office

In an office meeting, a brown poodle sits attentively beside his owner, curly fur contrasting with the neutral tones. With an alert gaze at the camera, he epitomises the loyal presence of a dog in the office

Dogs in the office – it's not a passing craze, and it certainly looks as though it is here to stay. It's an idea embraced by thousands of workplaces worldwide. But why?

Why are dogs in the office welcomed worldwide? 

It's not a mere craze, some could even say it's a strategic move. However it is viewed, it looks like it’s here to stay. People Management, an organisation that specialises in employer guidance and support, undertook a survey to their followers on Linkedin and the results showed that  73% of respondents would like to work in a dog friendly office. Additionally, Live Career reported that:


  • “52% of pet owners said that pet-friendly benefits and policies are important in a job search.”
  • “49% said that a pet-friendly work environment could convince them to take a job offer.”
  • “46% of people said they would recommend their employer to a friend if they were pet friendly.”


But why? What is it about bringing our furry companions into a workplace that is becoming so popular? An idea is that bringing dogs into the workplace promotes regular breaks, boosts concentration and can even build relationships in companies. The RSPCA reports that “dogs encourage regular breaks and promote exercise which, in turn, boosts productivity and improves creativity and concentration, as well as helping to build workplace relationships.” 

Here at Kwalee, we have also opened our doors to dogs. However, we also recognise that dogs aren’t everyone's thing, so we have ensured fairness for all who work at Kwalee, by setting out a policy ‘Such Policy. Many Dog. Yay.’ where strict rules have to be followed by owners and dogs, HR forms are signed by the owner prior to their dog coming in and honouring a dog friendly zone with a strict no-go zone office space too.

Our CEO, David Darling, a dog person himself, opened up about the decisions behind it:
“Dogs are nice! Why wouldn’t you want them around, right? This doesn’t come without some ground rules being set, though! Amongst other rules, team members are expected to monitor their dogs at all times, keep them well-behaved, and ensure they’ve had training prior to bringing them to the office. But, much like our humans, the dogs of Kwalee are all lovely so that’s hardly a concern.”


Without further ado, if you’ve already been introduced to our first round of furry companions, then let’s introduce you to part two of the extended family of Kwalee. 

Pets of Kwalee Gallery

Name: Benji 
Age: 8 months old 
Belongs to: Liana, HR Administrator


Let’s begin by introducing Benji, an 8-month-old Poodle, spreading joy in the UK Kwalee office. A spontaneous addition from a family who could no longer take care of him in Liverpool, his owner describes it as the best decision they ever made. Benji's unique quirks include relaxing in the shower when bored and delighting in animated films, making him a beloved and entertaining presence in his home and around the office.


Name: Kirby 
Age: 4 years old 
Belongs to: Michael, Lead Server Engineer  


Here is Kirby, another pup who likes to visit the UK office from time to time, who is a 4-year-old Cane Corso. He adores bananas, blueberries, and whipped cream, and his favourite toy is Thor’s Hammer. A rescued dog, Kirby is the sweetest boy, providing love, comfort, and the occasional head-butt for attention. His loud bark scares away the postmen, though his owner Michael knows all Kirby wants is to give them a friendly hello!


Name: Merlin
Age: 10 months old 
Belongs to: Hannah, Talent Acquisition Team Manager


This handsome Labrador, ready for his close-up with his bow tie and grin, is Merlin. Despite his big size, Hannah is convinced he's still a puppy, eager to fit his entire body onto her lap. Attending school three times a week, Merlin's social life is envy-worthy, attending all his friends' birthday parties and making every day a delightful adventure. 

Name: Oreo 
Age: 4.5 years old 
Belongs to: Chandan, Senior QA Tester


Meet Oreo, the delightful 4.5-year-old Dachshund whose heart is as big as his love for chicken and tennis balls. With an affectionate nature, he's a loyal companion who brings comfort in tough times and joy in playful moments, especially when chasing his friends.


Name: Brian  
Age: 2 years old 
Belongs to: Bruno, Ad Monetisation Analyst


Introducing Brian, the charismatic 2-year-old West Highland White Terrier with a fondness for mangoes and a passion for bones and tennis balls. Bruno describes him as not just a loyal companion but also a skilled footballer, an expert at dribbling and tricking opponents with his playful antics. We eagerly await the day Brian becomes the next star player for the Wolves! 

Name: Maggie, Mia, Morgana and Nina 
Age: Ranging from 4 - 10 years old 
Belongs to: Joāo, QA Tester


Meet Maggie, Mia, Morgana, and Niña, our lively feline coworkers. Rescued in 2021, Maggie is a beloved addition with an unknown past. Morgana charms with sweet kneading and camera antics, while Mia's scratch post spins evoke concerns of a cat-induced black hole. And finally Niña, is the ‘OG’ kitten, boasting a decade of feline wisdom. 

Name: Larry and Álvaro
Age: 9 months and 5 years old  
Belongs to: Daniela, Senior Office Administrator


Meet Larry and Álvaro, the charming European shorthair duo. Larry, still a playful kitten, enjoys Bell Ball and claiming spots. Álvaro adores tuna, their plush octopus, and has a unique love for drinking water from the shower. He's affectionate and loves to cuddle, often lying on chests when invited. 

Name: Phoenix 
Age: 15 years old 
Belongs to: Henri, Talent Acquisition Business Partner


This lovely 15-year-old Husky crossbreed is Phoenix. Her owner Henri is her favourite person, and they share a history of skateboard adventures from his teenage years. Despite her age, Phoenix's small size keeps her looking like a gorgeous puppy, though she navigates the world with “just one brain cell”, often bumping into walls and doors. 


Name: Guida 
Age: 1.5 years old 
Belongs to: Pedro, VP of Research & Development


This gorgeous girl is Guida, the 1.5-year-old enthusiast for Chouriço bread. She eagerly welcomes her owner home, demanding affection with her snout. Guida occasionally soft locks, unsure how to handle surprises like unexpected tomahawk bones, which then leads to amusing gnawing sounds throughout the night


Name: Osmi, Nox and Wiki  
Age: Ranging from 2 to 3.5 years old 
Belongs to: İmge, Insight Researcher


And finally, meet our feline trio! Osmi, the mischief-maker with devilish fur, Wiki the TV enthusiast with a favourite choice for the series,‘ The Office’ and Nox, the paper-play lover with a fondness for the scent of shampoo after their owners have showered. 


Whether or not dog-friendly offices are your thing, if you’re looking to join a fulfilling game development company with a wholesome environment, with both great humans, dogs and cats, check out our vacancies. Don’t forget to also sign up to our newsletter to find out all about Kwalee jobs and news, mobile developers updates and more blogs like these.  Did you miss the first part of this blog? Click here to read it! 

Milly embarked on her marketing journey in the corporate world, igniting her passion for writing. Outside of Kwalee, she's a fitness enthusiast, devoted to her Labrador, and a fierce gamer.

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