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Whether aspiring or veteran, if you’re a game developer, you might want to check out our collection of content on all things gamedev!

Inside the Success: Perfect Coffee 3D

Inside the Success is where our hypercasual experts do a deep-dive into Kwalee’s chart-topping successes, dissecting the game’s production post-release – from development to marketing. Learn how our games are such a success for free!


5 Tips For Making Attractive Game Prototypes for Game Publishers

Whatever stage in game development you’re in, if you want to show us your game prototypes, send it to us anyway. If you don’t send it, you might never know if it’s ready to be published on the Hyper Casual market. With professional feedback, you can propel your game to any state that’s outside of brainstorming or prototyping. That’s a lot faster than wondering what to do by yourself.


With that said, are you serious about partnering with a game publisher like Kwalee in the long term? Then we have five tips for you to put together a pitch-perfect prototype for us.


Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Make Enjoyable Hyper Casual Games

Behind almost every game developer’s chart-topping success is a heap of failed prototypes. As a games publisher with a ‘Fail Fast’ prototyping culture, we’ve harnessed those failures to use as an advantage. We know the principles you need to make chart-topping successes. Principles that beginner game developers sometimes neglect when they make Hyper Casual games. It’s not only easy to avoid them, but they can also make a real difference in whether your game achieves success.