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Check out all the latest bits on interesting games, diving deep into why they’re fun, and what gaming communities across the globe think about them.

Couch Co-op Games vs Online, You Decide!

Remember the good old days when our idea of a wild Friday night was huddled around the clunky PlayStation 1, with the controller wires intertwining like vines, all in the name of couch co-op games? Fast forward to 2023, and the gaming world has transformed, with a wide choice of online multiplayer experiences. But here's the burning question, which style of gaming is truly the better experience to play with friends, on the coach with friends vs online in an immersive realm? 


What are Mini Games and More

Mini games have captivated players worldwide for a long time – from retro to the modern day. These bite-sized gaming experiences offer a refreshing break from the main gameplay, becoming a big part of many video games with complex features. This article dives into the essence of what are mini games, what their purpose is, and why everyone finds them so fun.

So what are mini games?

Mini games are small, self-contained challenges packed up within a larger video game. They are called that precisely because of their nature; they’re mini!

Video Games: The Digital Happy Pill

Depression affects about 280 million people and anxiety affects over 301 million people worldwide, making them the two most prevalent mental health disorders. Given the economic and healthcare impacts, there’s an increased demand for accessible and cost-effective solutions to help people struggling with mental illness. This demand surged during the COVID-19 pandemic; The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported a staggering 25% increase in depression and anxiety issues during the 2020 lockdowns.


Scathe: Our Bullet Hell FPS Is Now Out

With the release of Scathe this week, we’re excited to see our passionate players dive into hellish mazes and purge some nasty demons with their friends. If you’re someone who hasn’t tried the game out yet, then don’t worry: we put this article together so you’re up to speed.


We wanted to take a moment to remind you what we have in store for our first-person shooter (FPS) gamers.


Here’s a first look at what Scathe can offer you, and why it’s going to be the best bullet hell FPS you play this year.

Introducing ‘Die by the Blade’: Coming to PC & Consoles in 2022

Hope you’ve sharpened your blades for this one as we’re proud to announce we’re publishing Die by the Blade: a visceral fighting game inspired by legendary titles such as Bushido Blade and the Way of the Samurai series!


Developed by the passionate folks at Triple Hill Interactive and Grindstone, every move you make in the game matters, each weapon you use will change the playstyle, and only ONE HIT decides between who walks away the victor, and who dies by the blade.

We’re Helping Fareshare’s Fight Against Food Poverty by Donating 100% of UK Profits From Teacher Simulator This Week

UPDATE 11/01/2021: With the week now over, we’re pleased to announce that the initiative raised nearly $4,000 for FareShare!



Launched at the end of 2020, our game Teacher Simulator has already proven to be a massive hit.


Taking players into the virtual classroom, at a time when real schools here in the UK are shut as part of latest lockdown measures, Teacher Simulator is a light-hearted take on school life that has been downloaded more than 6.5 million times.