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Hordes of Hunger Roguelike Game Coming Soon

The image shows a dramatic scene from "Hordes of Hunger." A warrior in armor leaps with a raised sword, surrounded by skeletal, zombie-like creatures. A burning structure looms in the background.

Kwalee, a leading light in the vibrant gaming scene, is excited to announce a captivating new action game, set in a dark medieval fantasy world, Hordes of Hunger. The game is developed in collaboration with  Polish indie developer Hyperstrange. This partnership introduces a thrilling addition to the ‘survivorslike’ genre, blending 3D hack-and-slash action with roguelike elements, set to engage both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike.


Hordes of Hunger official gameplay screenshot


About Hordes of Hunger


You will take on the role of Mirah, fighting off the murderous waves of monsters to remove the curse that has afflicted your homeland. You must stay alive, and the only way is to consistently upgrade your skills to overcome the constant horde of beasts.

“Hordes of Hunger is a unique take on the popular survivorslike genre. The team at Hyperstrange has developed several critically-acclaimed titles and Hordes of Hunger looks like another impressive game to add to that list. We are very excited to work with them on Hordes of Hunger,” said Ben Forrester, Vice President of PC & Console at Kwalee.

"We at Hyperstrange are thrilled to join forces with Kwalee as we bring Hordes of Hunger to life. This partnership marks an exciting chapter for us. With Kwalee's support, we're confident Hordes of Hunger will exceed expectations and deliver a fantastic experience for our players,” said Łukasz Szybałdin of Hyperstrange.

Features at a Glance


  • Survival of the Fiercest: Face off against an unending tide of foes eager to end your quest.
  • Battlegrounds Galore: Each 3D level offers new challenges, quests, and enemies to defeat in true hack-and-slash style.
  • Evolution in Every Attempt: Enhance your abilities with each daring escape from death staying true to the roguelike essence.
  • Customisation is Key: Tailor your Mirah’s loadout to match your playstyle, with a range of weapons and special attacks at your disposal.
  • A Tale of Many Voices: Experience the story, enriched by voice acting, unfolding both within runs and in the narrative interludes that connect them.


Hordes of Hunger official gameplay sreenshot

Hordes of Hunger is coming to PC via Steam in 2024

Add Hordes of Hunger to your wishlist today, and get ready to face the horde. Inspired by this game? We are here and ready with a team that’s hungry to sign brilliant games from talented developers and bring them to the world’s players. You can be sure we will go the extra mile to help you build your studio brand, communities, and games.

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