A puzzling number game where you match tens and score points!
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  • #1 game in 'Dice' category in 67 countries

About TENS!

TENS! is an exciting combination of dice games, sudoku games, and the block-dropping number games you know and love. Total 10 in any row or column to score points! Play endless mode to rack up your high score or take on TENS! Adventure to grow your skills over a huge range of dynamic puzzles.

TENS! Reviews

TENS! Features

  • Endless fun with puzzles

    Enjoy over 100 puzzles, ranging from easy to hard, inspired by number games and sudoku games

  • Climb the leaderboards

    Compete against your friends on social leaderboards and become the top player

  • Unlock new rewards

    Complete challenges to unlock new dice skins to add some pizazz to your visuals

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