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Protect passengers and be the best security officer in this airport game!
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About Airport Security

Looking for an airport security game? Try the thrilling Airport Security Simulator online! Step into the role of a security guard in this immersive airport game. As the official security force at the airport, it's your duty to maintain order and prevent chaos.

Stay alert for passengers with fake passports or concealed weapons. Use the X-ray machine to uncover any contraband they may be trying to smuggle into the city. While their bags are being transported, meticulously scan them for hidden items – you never know what surprises await.

Equipped with your reliable flashlight, you alone must ensure the safety of the airport. As pilots make their way to their jets for takeoff, criminals are plotting their escapes. Remain vigilant and watchful, allowing only the most trustworthy travellers to pass through. Experience the ultimate airport security game and put your skills to the test in this thrilling security game and airport simulator.

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Airport Security Features

  • Be the best border guard

    Check every passport, scan every person, and take care of the immigration checkpoint as an airport security guard.

  • Seize all contraband

    Find, seize, and book all sorts of wacky things not allowed on an aeroplane – lighters, pets, weapons, you name it!

  • Interrogate suspects

    Every interrogation scenario is unique, so choose the right options to extract answers from suspects and criminals.

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Airport Security

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The Airport Security VIP Membership access offers two membership options

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