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We’re now the official publishing partners of Buildbox!


You may have seen that we recently ran a Hyper Casual game jam with our friends at Buildbox, the no-code game development platform. 


We were incredibly excited to see what the Buildbox community would come up with and the ‘Boxers’ certainly didn’t disappoint, with the game jam yielding hundreds of entries. The Kwalee publishing team had an absolute blast reviewing the entries and we were really impressed at the overall quality of mobile games created using the Buildbox platform.


That’s why we’re delighted to say that we’re extending our relationship with Buildbox into a long-term partnership as the no-code platform’s Trusted Partner in mobile game publishing!


The philosophies behind Buildbox very much chime with our own, since we believe that anyone can come up with a Hyper Casual game concept and we encourage our entire team to pitch ideas on Creative Wednesdays. With Buildbox also committed to stripping away the barriers to game development, allowing high-quality commercial games to be created without writing a single line of code, it was a no-brainer for us to join forces and help more people to unlock their creativity and find success through Hyper Casual games.


Together, we and Buildbox will offer an all-in-one solution for creating and publishing Hyper Casual mobile games. All standout Buildbox games will be allocated a UA budget for testing on the store with a view to offering potentially lucrative publishing deals.

This means that making a great game using Buildbox is a perfect first step to grab our attention and to work with us! We’ll take care of every aspect of publishing, from technical and game design support to UA and monetisation, leaving Boxers to focus on creating new content and new games.


But it’s not just the developers that we decide to work with on a publishing basis that we want to build a relationship with, and we’re excited to grow our involvement in the amazing Buildbox community. We’re committed to running more game jams to keep inspiring the community to do what they do best: create. 


We also want to build a support system for developers, with the community able to tap into our bank of game development knowledge. With 400 million downloads for our hyper-casual games, we know what works best and we’re keen to help Boxers with feedback and advice.


Extending our partnership with Buildbox feels only natural and we can’t wait to get started, but we also want to give a huge ‘thank you’ once again to everyone who submitted a game in our Hyper Casual game jam. The fantastic and enthusiastic participation from the community definitely helped this partnership to take shape! 


If you’re yet to see our picks of the bunch from that game jam, they are as follows:


Winners of Hyper Casual Game Jam with Buildbox


Main Winners


  • 1ST PLACE: One Wheel – TapMen Games (Vlad & Radu Popa)
  • 2ND PLACE: Totter Box – DarkSandwich (Victor GS Tan)
  • 3RD PLACE: Donuts Delivery – Rakshak Kalwani & Vikas Pawar


Additional Categories


  • BEST LEVEL DESIGN: Balls Attract – Monstefyapp (Mereuta Gheorghe)
  • MOST VISUAL IMPACT: Railway Canyon – Crevasse Studios (Carina Chen & Ovidiu Tepes)
  • MOST UNIQUE IDEA: Balloon Rider – George Williams


Honourable Mentions


  • Supermarket Fury – Astrohound Studios (Sebastian Barrotta)
  • Panic-Demic Catch Fehst


Congratulations to all the winners, who have won prizes including access to an exclusive Game Design & Publishing Workshop, a shopping voucher up to $250 in value and an official Kwalee swag bag (valued up to $250).


We look forward to running many more game jams, awarding many more prizes, providing our expert advice and, most importantly, playing many more amazing Buildbox creations!


As an award-winning mobile game publisher, we know what it takes to turn your mobile game into a chart-topping success. Submit and market-test your games through our official Publishing Portal. All you need are a few minutes and a couple of gameplay videos or a simple playable prototype of your mobile game. Follow us on social media (TikTok | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn) to get the latest news on our gamedev efforts.


As part of Kwalee’s publishing team as Senior Publishing Manager, Jake sourced the best Hyper Casual games and working with their developers to produce global hits, including Sharpshooter Blitz, Rocket Sky!

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