What is  a hyper casual game?

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Simple mobile games designed to offer fun for a few minutes, with feel-good reward moments.


Quick to understand - the first 5 seconds teach you the entire game.

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Traditionally monetised with ads.

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Our fun games have been downloaded more than 1 billion times

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Draw It

(4.3 hyper casual mobile games)
Scribble as many doodles as possible in the time-based competition against other players.
best hyper casual mobile games

120 Million+

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Object Hunt

(4.3 hypercasual video games)
One person becomes the hunter, whilst the rest of you hide! But this game comes with a twist... you can’t stay as you are!
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56 Million+

teacher simulator

Teacher Simulator

(4.3  best hyper casual videogames)
Do you have what it takes to be the best teacher in the world? Now is the time to find out in Teacher Simulator!
best hypercasual videogames

106 Million+

perfect coffee 3d

Perfect Coffee 3D

(4.4 perfect coffee 3d game)
Put your barista cap on and run the best coffee shop in town.
perfrct coffee 3d game download

11 Million+


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best hyper casual video games

Our fun games have been downloaded more than 1 billion times

Why Publish my hyper casual game with kwalee?

Choose Kwalee to publish your Hyper Casual game - we’re experts in skills like marketing, monetisation, game design, production and localisation that can complement the skills in your studio. We provide generous funding and are a friendly, supportive team so you can enjoy the publishing process as well as benefit from commercial success. A single prototype video and a market-test is all you need to know if your game could succeed. Publish your Hyper Casual game the simple way with Kwalee – winner of Best Publisher (TIGA and Mobile Game Awards, 2022).

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