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Hunt and seek your way to victory in this free hunt game on your smartphone!
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About Hunt & Seek

Get ready for an exhilarating hunter seeker experience! The monstrous enemy is on the hunt, and traditional hiding won't be enough, thanks to a thrilling twist on the hunt and seek game. What could be more exciting than camouflaging yourself to evade evil?

Transform into a household object and conceal yourself ingeniously, choosing a sanctuary where you'll be undetected. Will you become a plant, a book, or even a table lamp? Regardless of your choice, avoid the monster's gaze at all costs! Blend seamlessly into your surroundings, hiding skillfully before you become the target of capture.

Alternatively, take on the role of the hunter yourself in this hunt game, tracking down those desperately attempting to hide like props. Keep your senses sharp and your eyes peeled as you locate and capture every last one of them!

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Hunt & Seek Features

  • For your life

    Find a secluded spot to hide in so the Hunter doesn’t spot you.

  • Become a prop

    Transform into a chair, a vase, a spoon – anything convincing enough to fool the Hunter!

  • Be the Hunter

    Switch gears and become a Hunter – find all the scurrying players and swallow them whole!

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Hunt & Seek

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The Hunt & Seek VIP Membership access offers two membership options:

$5.49 weekly subscription (after the 3-day free trial period)

$14.49 monthly subscription