Clean Up 3D

Size up and suck ‘em up in this whacky cleaning game!
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  • #1 action game in 12 countries including UK and Canada
Clean Up 3D Clean Up 3D

About Clean Up 3D

Cleaning has never been so much fun! Clean Up 3D is a 3D mobile game where you grow your vacuum cleaner, suck up anything you see, and become a behemoth that causes absolute chaos! Who knew a cleaning game would be so much fun? Don’t stop at the living room – go clear the city!

Clean Up 3D Reviews

Clean Up 3D Features

  • Simple gameplay

    You only have a couple of upgrade options and one way to control your vacuum cleaner – simple and fun!

  • Hilarious suck-’em-up concept

    Unleash chaos as you clean every nook and cranny.

  • Cute art

    Every bit of art you see in the cleaning game is handcrafted to be cute and colourful.

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Clean Up 3D

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The Clean Up 3D VIP Membership access offers two membership options:

$5.49 weekly subscription (after the 3-day free trial period)

$14.49 monthly subscription