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Searching for the best baking games on your smartphone? Play Bake It – a hypersim cake game where you sculpt delicious baked goods from scratch!
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  • #1 game in 'Simulation' category in 20 countries
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About Bake it

Bake It is a cake game that allows players to showcase their baking skills. In this hypersim game, you need to match your bakes to your customers' orders and impress them with your beautiful mixtures and toppings. However, be prepared for demanding customers who have specific requests. Using the touchscreen controls, you pour out your cake mixture and apply your choice of icing, glazes, and decorative toppings.

Bake It offers a tactile baking experience suitable for bakers of all skill levels. The game became a technical challenge for Kwalee as it was their first release developed remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the challenges, Bake It gained remarkable success with over 47 million downloads in its first month.

Bake it Reviews

Bake it Features

  • Satisfying gameplay

    Tactile baking game mechanics, including icing and decorative toppings.

  • Simple mechanics

    All you need is one finger to bake a cake!

  • Vibrant visuals

    The game’s colourful design and visuals will always keep you baking!

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The Bake It VIP Membership access offers two membership options

$5.49 weekly subscription (after the 3-day free trial period)

$14.49 monthly subscription