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About Build it 3D

Gear up your hard hat and get ready to be the hero of the construction game world in Build It 3D! As the newest builder in town, it's your time to shine. Take control of cranes to erect towering structures, swing wrecking balls to demolish old buildings, and bulldoze your way through derelict sites. 

From replacing roofs to pouring concrete foundations, every task is a chance to showcase your skills and leave your mark on the city skyline. With a range of construction jobs awaiting your expertise, there's no time to waste!

So grab your tools and get ready to build, demolish, and create your way to construction glory!

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Build it 3D Features

  • Creative Construction
    Build It 3D lets players build houses, skyscrapers, bridges, and landmarks. With great mechanics and diverse materials, architectural dreams come to life in stunning 3D environments.

  • Diverse Challenges
    From infrastructure repairs to new developments, Build It 3D offers varied construction tasks. Navigate tight deadlines, overcome obstacles, and manage budgets for engaging experiences.

  • Community Building
    Build It 3D creates a lively builder community. Share creations, collaborate, and compete in construction competitions. With messaging and leaderboards, connect globally and showcase construction skills.

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