Jetpack Jump

Explore a new jetpack game where you take a stratospheric leap with the flick of a finger!
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  • A top 3 app in 21 countries including USA and UK
  • #1 game in 'Sports' category in 140 countries
Jetpack Jump Jetpack Jump

About Jetpack Jump

Time your triple jumps perfectly and take off a jetpack-powered leap into the stratosphere in this fun-packed jetpack game.

Jetpack Jump keeps players coming back for more with its engaging gameplay loop: leap to earn cash, use the cash to upgrade your jetpack, letting you leap further, soar higher, and score bigger! That new record is always on the horizon! There’s always further to go, over the ferris wheel, through fields and snow capped mountains, with a fun range of customisation options for your character like the jester hat and pet dog.

Originally pitched at our Creative Wednesdays event, Jetpack Jump was released hot on the heels of Draw It and just before Shootout 3D and Rocket Sky! in what was a prolific period for us in 2019.

The Jetpack Jump app keeps players coming back and attracting new ones with its addictive gameplay loop: leap to earn cash, use the cash to upgrade your jetpack, which allows you to leap further and earn even more cash. That new record is always just on the horizon!

So join the 42 million+ players who have already downloaded Jetpack Jump and get ready to take a legendary hop, step and launch into greatness.

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Jetpack Jump Features

  • Simple gameplay

    Simple, challenging one-tap gameplay that will have you soaring like an eagle

  • Upgrade your jetpack

    Numerous upgrades to keep you travelling, including offline earnings!

  • Vibrant visuals

    The game’s colourful design and visuals will always keep you motivated to explore further

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Jetpack Jump