Play one of the wackiest puzzle games and try not to spill balls!
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SPILLZ is a physics-based block game that challenges players to safely bring a container to the ground by strategically removing blocks from the tower it rests on. The objective is to ensure that the container retains as many balls as possible by the end of each level. The more balls remaining, the more stars you earn.

With over 100 fun and frantic levels, SPILLZ offers a test of skill and precision. Additionally, the game features unlockable items and gameplay upgrades, allowing players to customise their experience. For more challenge, there's also an endless mode where you can strive for high scores.

SPILLZ Reviews

SPILLZ Features

  • Plenty of fun hours to play

    100+ fun and frantic levels to test your puzzle and reaction skills.

  • Rewarding cosmetics

    Unlock fun block game upgrades and new gameplay.

  • Endless mode

    Chase high scores and take part in everlasting challenges in endless mode.

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