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Kwalee Shines in’s Top Publisher Awards 2023

Top Publisher Awards 2023 Kwalee

As the mobile games industry continues its meteoric rise, so does the pedigree of those recognised as its top publishers. This year,, the industry’s first Unified Data AI platform, unveiled its list of the most innovative and successful mobile app companies around the globe in their highly anticipated Top Publisher Awards 2023. 


Among the notable names, Kwalee has positioned itself as one of the leading publishers and also stands out as the only UK-based company to place on the list of Top 30 EMEA Headquartered Publishers by worldwide games downloads.

Kwalee: A Beacon for UK Mobile Games


Hailing from the United Kingdom, we’re proud of Kwalee’s remarkable growth and contribution to the world of mobile games. A couple of years ago, Kwalee made headlines when the leading app analytics firm App Annie, listed the studio as the top UK mobile games publisher and the top British app publisher across all categories in the private sector, higher than Tesco, ITV and Deliveroo. This reflects the top publisher’s steadfast dedication to producing high-quality games and unique user experiences. Fast forward to today, Kwalee’s legacy as a UK mobile games juggernaut remains stronger than ever, underscored by its latest accolade from

Top Publisher Awards 2023 List
Top Publisher Awards 2023, @

About’s Top Publisher Awards


Started in 2012, the Top Publisher Awards are a recognition of excellence in the mobile domain. They not only honour the success and innovation of global mobile companies but also span a diverse range of sectors. These sectors range from Gaming, Streaming, and Food & Drink to Finance, Shopping, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, and Photo & Video.


Every year, thousands of publishers vie for a spot in this prestigious list, with only the very best and most successful top publishers making the cut. The rankings reflect the influence, impact, and innovation of the mobile apps that captivate users the world over.

Kwalee’s Dedication to Excellence


This recent recognition demonstrates Kwalee’s relentless drive and commitment to offering an unmatched mobile games experience. Being the sole UK representative on this EMEA list makes us immensely proud as a gamemaker that’s now gone global, with teams and other studios across the world.. 

The Future


As the mobile games industry develops, the benchmarks for success and innovation continue to rise. Yet, amidst these evolving standards, we’re still aiming to perfect the craft of game development, design, programming and marketing. 


We want to pay tribute to all the fantastic team members and partner developers who have helped Kwalee produce some of the most fun games for the world’s players. We hope our journey of innovation and success continues for years to come!


As an award-winning mobile gamemaker and publisher, we know what it takes to turn your mobile game into a chart-topping success. Submit and market-test your mobile games through our official Publishing Portal. If you are an indie video game developer, you can find out more about our PC and console game publishing here


Alternatively, we’re currently hiring for many job vacancies in various roles and locations around the world. You can find out more about what’s on offer in our Careers section.


Follow us on social media (TikTok | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook) to get the latest news on our gamedev efforts.

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