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Publish with us to get all the support you need, with our world-class marketing, monetisation and gamedev experience.

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Your VS game could help you unlock these perks:
Spruce up your WFH life with a
Macbook Pro
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Mac Studio
Hardware prizes subject to availability and conditional on hitting our KPIs as part of a Kwalee Game Publishing Contract.
What is a VS game?

Have you ever been pitted against an AI or an actual player in a hypercasual game? If you have, you played a VS game!

Versus (VS for short) games are simply games where your biggest challenge is achieving a goal before your rival does. It’s a hypercasual take on a classic video game formula that’s been around for generations.

A few (but not the only) examples of VS game types:
Fun and Games
School-yard or board-game inspired challenges.
Enemy Clashing
Grow your firepower with the right gates to fight the enemy horde.
Direct Competition
Pit yourself against the CPU or rival player in classic Versus style.
How do I join the VS Game Jam?
Visit the official Kwalee Publishing Portal
Sign up using your email address
When ready, submit your VS Game Jam entry
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Doing research on VS games?
Play these Kwalee games to learn more
Draw It
Draw It
Object Hunt
Object Hunt
Build your Vehicle
Build Your Vehicle
PSST – some secrets behind getting that $500K first 👀
  • The VS theme is the gameplay, not the hook.
    So think of how the gameplay would attract players in an ad. What new innovation can your game bring to the table?
  • If your game has direct competition, then does it have physicality too?
    Our case study on Build Your Vehicle shows how much difference it can make.
  • Pay attention to the haptics, VFX, and animation.
    VS hypercasuals are a joy to play if they have these extra features. From your concept to your prototype, keep the polish in mind.
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Got questions?

We’re a game publisher from the UK. You’ll probably know us as the developers of huge successes in the hypercasual space like Draw it (100 million+ installs) and Jetpack Jump (35 million+ installs). Currently we’re expanding across the mobile gaming market to make great games across casual, hybrid-casual, and hypercasual genres.

We host loads of events (like Game Jams) to connect with our fellow game developers and to give you a chance to try your hand at something new. Why not join us this VS Game Jam and say hi? The event is open to everyone – for free!

The VS Game Jam is 20 days long; it starts on 24th October and ends on 13th November. You can join the Jam anytime between those dates too.

Any theme works! But if you want our advice, think of themes that best work with a Player v Player or Player v CPU game idea. A really good example would be a superhero-themed hypercasual VS game.

Just make sure that the theme allows you to be creative with how you want to make your own VS games.

You can submit multiple original VS games to the Game Jam, though iterations on the same game will not be counted as separate entries.

Bear in mind if you submit your game after the Game Jam end date, we’ll still take your game in… but it won’t be a Game Jam entry.

Simply sign up to the publishing portal and submit your entry through there. If it’s a VS game and it’s submitted between the 24th October and the 13th November, you’re officially in the jam.

If you ever feel stuck, send your concerns in an email to our Publishing Managers.

Short answer: Nope. (But it would be nice!)

We’re all about fast prototyping, so a prototype or just a handful of 30-second gameplay videos will do! So long as we can see what makes your game unique and fun, it’s good enough.

Your VS game will need to be made for iOS or Android and with mobile gameplay in mind. Play some of our own VS games such as Build Your Vehicle, Draw it, and Object Hunt to get an idea of how the subgenre works.