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Introducing ‘Die by the Blade’: Coming to PC & Consoles in 2022

Die By The Blade

Hope you’ve sharpened your blades for this one as we’re proud to announce we’re publishing Die by the Blade: a visceral fighting game inspired by legendary titles such as Bushido Blade and the Way of the Samurai series!


Developed by the passionate folks at Triple Hill Interactive and Grindstone, every move you make in the game matters, each weapon you use will change the playstyle, and only ONE HIT decides between who walks away the victor, and who dies by the blade.

In this intense sword-fighting action game, become a one-hit-kill warrior as you calculate your moves and slice your opponents, climbing your way up and facing even more dangerous foes that challenge your approach in combat. Test your form and skill with an assortment of the most finely-crafted blades, each providing you with a different sense of control, speed, motion, and style.


And of course, there’s nothing like running warm blood on your blade and carving a calling card into your foes — thanks to the game’s brutal dismemberment system.

The Kwalee team is suitably thrilled about the reveal after months of planning. Head of PC & Console Publishing Max Everingham opened up about the reveal, explaining:


“Triple Hill Interactive are a fantastic development team and, as a huge fan of Bushido Blade back in the day, I could not be happier that Kwalee is partnering with them to bring the savage, one-hit-kill game Die by the Blade to PC & Console gamers next year.”


The CEO of Grindstone, Peter Nagy, had similarly positive notes to add, adding:


“We are thrilled to welcome Kwalee as global publisher for Die by the Blade. It’s exciting to work with a partner who shares our vision and excitement for the game and with their publishing expertise we look forward to a worldwide multi-platform launch in 2022.”


Agreeing to publish Die By The Blade is the latest exciting move for our fast-growing PC and Console department, and we’re always on the lookout for the very best and most creative indie games to sign up. As a developer and publisher amassing over 700 million downloads of our mobile games, great gameplay is at the heart of everything we do and Die by the Blade is absolutely no exception. 


Our collaboration with Triple Hill Interactive and Grindstone is going to be a memorable one and we can’t wait to share more about the game with you in the future. Subscribe to our PC & Console games newsletter to get information on Die by the Blade and our other games before anyone else!


To stay up to date with the game’s development, you can also follow Die by the Blade on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

Die by the Blade is slashing its way through to Steam, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X & S, and Nintendo Switch in 2022. Show your support by wishlisting the game on Steam!


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