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Kwalee Replaces Driving Lessons With New Mobile Game

Kwalee Crash Course

Are you tired of the same old driving lessons with boring instructors? Do you dread the thought of getting behind the wheel and putting your life and others at risk? Well, fear not, because we have a revolutionary solution for you: the driving test game “Kwalee Crash Course”!


Yes, you read that right. In cooperation with the official government driving regulation agencies, we are developing a mobile game that can help you learn the basics of driving in a safe, controlled, and fun environment and let you take the final test for your driving licence. No more stressing out about traffic, road conditions, other drivers, or angry examiners. With the “Kwalee Crash Course,” you will be able to practise anytime, anywhere, and take your final test at your own pace, sitting on the comfy couch with a cup of your favourite tea.

But wait, you might be thinking, can a game really prepare me for my driving test? We understand your scepticism but hear us out. “Kwalee Crash Course” is not just any game. It’s been designed with input from experienced driving instructors and follows the same rules and regulations as real-life driving. You’ll learn how to accelerate, brake, turn, and park, as well as how to react to different situations and hazards.


Plus, the “Kwalee Crash Course” has some features that real-life lessons can’t offer. For example, you can instantly replay a scenario if you make a mistake or want to improve your score. You can also try different vehicles and environments, from city streets to country roads, for varied and comprehensive training.


And the best part? “Kwalee Crash Course” will be not only effective but also entertaining. You’ll love the colourful graphics, catchy music, and gameplay. You’ll feel like you’re playing a racing game, not a training tool. But don’t let the fun distract you from the goal: passing your driving test with flying colours.


We know you might be hesitant to trust a game over a human instructor, but think about it. A game won’t judge you, won’t get impatient, won’t charge you by the hour, and won’t endanger you or others.


Plus, you will be able to use “Kwalee Crash Course” as a replacement for traditional lessons, depending on your preferences and budget.


If you still have doubts, read some of the testimonials from driving regulation authorities:


“As a representative of the government agency responsible for conducting driving tests and ensuring that drivers meet the legal standards of driving, we are very pleased that with the help of Kwalee, we will be able to finally improve driving standards. Learners can experience every road condition imaginable, and experienced drivers will never get frustrated stuck behind a stalling learner again.”


So, are you ready to level up your driving skills? “Kwalee Crash Course” will soon be available to download from Google Play and Apple App Store. Start your journey to becoming a safe and confident driver with Kwalee’s new driving test game.


Drive smarter, not harder, and get your driver’s licence with the “Kwalee Crash Course.”

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