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About Teacher Simulator

Looking for the ultimate teaching simulator experience on your mobile? Look no further than the captivating school game, Teacher Simulator! Do you have the skills to become the greatest teacher worldwide?

Choose your teacher avatar and immerse yourself in the virtual school environment, equipped with interactive features that allow you to experience school drama. Prepare your virtual classroom - gather your digital pencils and prepare to tackle questions and expose cheaters.

Ask your class some difficult questions (which animal is pink?) - they may raise their hand, but do they get it right? You decide! Hear the familiar sound of the bell? It signals the end of class! It's time to collect your salary and get ready to start again tomorrow.

Waste no time and download this teaching simulator online game before your students beat you to it!

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Teacher Simulator Features

  • Quiz your students

    Attend classes and ask your students questions to test their knowledge. Those who don’t get it right get a penalty.


  • Whittle around

    Got time to waste? Spend time preparing for the next class. Sharpen pencils, erase blackboards, and more!

  • Grade tests

    Read the test papers your students submit, and grade them according to what they got correct. Send the ones that did terribly to the principal!

  • Get an ad-free experience

    Subscribe to Teacher Simulator to add more to this classroom game: (1) New ‘Arts & Crafts’ mini-game, (2) VIP outfit, and (3) x2 earnings.

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Teacher Simulator

Subscription Information

Teacher Simulator VIP Membership access offers two membership options:

$5.49 weekly subscription (after a 3-day FREE trial period)

$14.49 monthly subscription