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Introducing ‘SCATHE’: Coming to PC & Consoles in 2022

Scathe game

There’s a new FPS in town and it’s about to bring a whole lotta hell. We’re super excited to announce that the Kwalee PC & Console team is publishing Scathe, our newest and third PC & Console title! Developed by Damage State, the gamedev studio consists of three ex-AAA veterans with over 40 years of combined industry experience.


Scathe is an intense FPS in which players team up with their friends and employ big guns to destroy bigger demons. Thrown into the deepest pits of Hell, you will traverse through devious mazes and purge demonic evil that lurks within every crevice as you prove your worth as an Enforcer to the Divine Creator themself. Come hell or high water, unleash your almighty fury with your Hellhammer and leave no demon unscathed.


We’ve been busy internally screaming with joy as we witnessed our trailer receiving so much love from our communities on YouTube and Twitter!

Kwalee as a games company has always lived by our promise to deliver on publishing great games, and we’re exhilarated to see the support and love our community has responded with to the game’s reveal. Our Head of Marketing Campaigns for PC & Console Publishing, Andrew McKerrow, expressed his delight at the responses the team has been receiving as of late:


“We’re humbled by the community’s response to Scathe. We’ve been working with the talented team at Damage State for a while now and we’re so excited to finally announce our partnership around such a quality project. We’re right at the start of our journey together and can’t wait to show everyone all the great secrets we have locked up in the mazes of Hell.”

Here are some of our favourite highlights:


Scathe game


When we reached out to Chris, who is part of the dev team at Damage State, they opened up about their fantastic journey of going from working on triple-A titles such as Need for Speed, Minecraft, and Crackdown 3 to founding a studio that follows a strong work ethic.


“Damage State was born from the desire of the three ex-industry developers to make something we wanted to play.” Chris said. “Scathe is our debut title, and it’s one that we have wanted to make for a while. Something that combined our love for the Demon killing FPS, co-op, escaping a maze together and a dash of Bullet Hell for good measure. Partnering with Kwalee is enabling us to achieve this vision and find a large audience that was out of reach previously.”


It was also great to see a studio who are on the same page as us in terms of how development should be done: They’re hell-bent on busting crunch too.


Chris expanded on his thoughts on what the studio stands for, “One of the primary features of the studio is the emphasis on bringing a modern life approach to development. One which allows complete work flexibility, removes crunch, brings a team spirit where all are involved and naturally keeps the creative process fun.”


And there you have it, the team is just as badass as the game itself. Speaking of, here’s what Scathe brings to the sacrificial table:


  • Escape the Maze: Danger awaits you in every hellish corner. Choose your own path as you collect the three Hellstones and get to the centre of the maze.
  • Bullet Hell: You’re in for a bullet hell experience, and the only way to survive is to move. Use Scathe’s incredible speed to evade countless waves of deadly projectiles, and turn your enemies into roadkill by dashing through them.
  • Lock ‘n’ Load: Purge those damned beings with weapons forged in the fires of divinity. Whether it’s with the hellfire of the Hot Hatch or the rending slice of the Bow Blade, your all-powerful arsenal will answer your yearning for evisceration.
  • Don’t Go Alone: Online multiplayer; fully crossplay-enabled, drop-in/drop-out. Call upon up to three friends anytime to exterminate demons & explore labyrinths of limestone and lava. Choose your kin wisely, for you all share the same pool of lives.


The Divine Creator expects you to offer your hand in their fight to purge Hell of its rancid spawn. Head over to Steam and add the game to your wishlist.




Didn’t catch the trailer yet? It’s all good, here it is.

Want a chance to try some of our upcoming PC & Console titles? Check out our Kwalee Pathfinders programme, where you can go hands-on with some cool games before anyone else!

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