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Join Our Hyper Casual Game Jam With Buildbox!

Kwalee game jam April 2020

UPDATE: Thanks for participating in the Kwalee-hosted Buildbox game jam! We hope you had a lot of fun making exciting Hyper Casual games with us. Follow us on social media (TikTok | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn) for more information on where you can find our latest events, conferences, and webinars.



Looking for a chance to show off your gaming creativity and potentially secure some fantastic rewards? You’re in luck, as we are running a month-long game jam in partnership with Buildbox – the no-code development platform that’s free and easy to pick up and learn, used to create many globally successful games.


For those unfamiliar with the concept, a game jam challenges participants to create a game within a fixed period of time, often based around a single theme.


For our game jam, we’re keeping it simple. Entries are open to everyone from 10th April until midnight on the 10th May, with the broad theme of ‘Hyper Casual’. Hyper Casual games are quick and satisfying to play, appealing broadly to all kinds of players; if you want some inspiration, then look no further than the games we publish!


Arriving not only as many of us find ourselves with more spare time, but also as Winter turns to Spring, this is the perfect time to dive into a game development project and immerse yourself in the vibrant visuals and exciting gameplay of Hyper Casual.


And as if any more incentive were needed, the winner of the game jam (which will be selected by a judging panel made up of Kwalee experts) will be awarded with a potential publishing deal, testing of their game on the app store with UA spend, a one-to-one game development and publishing workshop, shopping vouchers, swag bags and more!


Kwalee Game Jam Apr 2020 University Announcement


Runners-up will receive detailed design feedback and swag bags too, while all standout participants will be in with a chance of bagging a publishing deal with us that could be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, depending on the resulting success of the game. There’s prime opportunity for this too, with bonus challenges including ‘Best Level Design’, ‘Most Visual Impact’ and ‘Most Unique Idea’.


So whatever your experience level, there’s no reason not to jump into our game jam and make your own Hyper Casual game! You can start making games with Buildbox absolutely free of charge and the platform includes great templates and tutorials for you to learn no-code development. We’ve also put together some tips on making a killer Hyper Casual game for you!


Judging of all entries will take place after the May 10th closing date, with winners announced during the week commencing 1st June 2020.


For further information and to enter the game jam, please visit:


Want to be the first to know where you can find us in person? Keep yourself in the loop with what’s happening with us on our social media (TikTok | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook). Our followers get notified about our latest game jams, conference attendances, and/or associated charitable events.

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