Rocket Sky!

A rocket game about taking flight and discovering planets!
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  • #1 app in 11 countries including UK, Australia, Germany and more
  • #1 game in 'Arcade' category in 52 countries
Rocket Sky! Rocket Sky!

About Rocket Sky!

Rocket Sky! is a fun Hyper Casual rocket game where players launch to discover new planets. The goal is to achieve record-breaking launches by unlocking powerful new rockets and managing fuel consumption. As you go higher and higher with each flight, you need to balance the rocket's power and fuel efficiency.

Rocket Sky! is developed by DP Space AG and published by Kwalee, and it has been a huge success with over 35 million downloads worldwide. It has played a significant role in the growth of Kwalee's publishing department and continues to engage players with its colourful gameplay. Explore the vastness of space and see how far you can go!

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Rocket Sky! Features

  • Simple gameplay

    You only have three upgrade options and one way to control rockets – simple and engaging!

  • Grow your rockets

    Unlock numerous upgrades to enhance your rocket and exploration.

  • Discover outer space

    Discover a variety of planets and rockets and reach even further in outer space!

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Rocket Sky!