Build bridges and help characters cross the gap in this game about helping cute characters get to their destination with planks!
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  • A top-3 game in the USA, UK, France and 18 more
  • #1 game in 'Arcade' category in 40 countries

About PLANK!

Tap and hold to grow your planks at the right lengths, and get your lovable creatures to cross the gaps safe and sound. Unlock new creatures along the way, and keep planking your way as far as possible in this bridge game!. It seems like an easy game, but it’ll have you hooked with its charm as you plank your way to higher and higher scores.

PLANK! Reviews

PLANK! Features

  • One-finger bridge game

    Play through the entire simple yet engaging gameplay loop with just one finger!

  • Cool rewards and characters

    Unlock crazy new characters to draw and grow your ‘plank’-ing group

  • Augmented reality

    If you own an iOS device, you can enjoy PLANK! in AR mode!

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