Skiddy Car

Collect coins and slide around tracks in Skiddy Car – one of the best car games to play on your smartphone!
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  • Top-3 game in 26 countries including USA and UK
  • #1 game in 'Racing' category in 103 countries
Skiddy Car Skiddy Car

About Skiddy Car

Face clever challenges with one of the best car games that use a one-thumb drifting gameplay system. Zoom through increasingly tough courses and collect coins on the way to unlock new tracks, skins, and vehicles.

Simply tap and hold to drift right in this quickfire driving game, navigating increasingly tough courses and collecting coins along the way!

Master Skiddy Car’s one-thumb drifting gameplay and face clever challenges to unlock new tracks, skins and vehicles. It’s got a classic slot car racing feel, which is perfect to play car games.

Skiddy Car Reviews

Skiddy Car Features

  • Simple gameplay

    Simple, challenging one-tap drifting gameplay

  • Various winding tracks

    Play your way through the range of tracks to skid and drift on

  • Crazy vehicles

    Unlock all kinds of slot car style vehicles to skid around with

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Skiddy Car

Subscription Information

The Skiddy Car VIP access offers pricing options between $0.99 to $9.99 for each item. Buying an item will remove any ads from the game.