Rocket Sky!

An arcade game of rocket flight and planet discovery

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Rocket Sky!

An arcade game of rocket flight and planet discovery

Launch your rocket, discover new planets and reach incredible heights… just don’t overheat!


In this compulsive hyper-casual arcade game, players are tasked with unlocking powerful new rockets and upgrades as they strive for that record-breaking launch. Going higher and higher with each new launch comes down not only to the sheer power of the rocket, but also how well you manage your fuel.


Developed by the fantastic DP Space AG and published by Kwalee, Rocket Sky! has been a huge success story for both companies and has soared beyond 33 million downloads worldwide. 


As an early publishing hit for us at Kwalee, Rocket Sky! has played a massively influential role in the development of our publishing department as it has grown in size substantially, collaborated with many more developers and launched yet more hit games.


We still collaborate with DP Space AG to improve Rocket Sky! with new updates and players continue to be engaged by this hyper-casual space race. So strap in and see how far you can go – and what amazing things you can discover!


Rocket Sky! features:


– Simple and addictive gameplay

– Numerous upgrades to keep you exploring

– Variety of planets and rockets to unlock

– Colourful 2D design