Calling all Hypercasual Heroes: Earn Big Money and a Tesla With Your Hypercasual Game!

The best thing for us about working on hypercasual games is the sheer number of original concepts and gameplay ideas we get to work on, never lingering too long on one thing. We come up with varied prototypes constantly, based on the widest array of crazy ideas that you can possibly imagine, which is a culture that doesn’t exist in quite the same way outside of hypercasual. 

Our design team has likened our creative process to having a game jam every day, which sums it up nicely, and we encourage the external developers we work with to think the same way.

But we always want to encourage more of this from the game development community, which is why we’re starting a new challenge for developers called Hypercasual Heroes. 

We want to see ideas that have never been seen before, that can bring something new to excite players all around the world, and we’re giving developers the incentive to provide this by giving them the chance to earn up to $100,000 in advances with their hypercasual game prototypes, with substantial uncapped profit share to follow! One developer may even be awarded a Tesla Model 3!*

Getting involved couldn’t be easier: simply submit your game through our publishing portal before 31st August 2021 and you’ll automatically be eligible to become a Hypercasual Hero and start reaping these limited-time benefits.

How it works

Submit a 15-second gameplay video of your game and we will run a CPI test. The following Signing Bonus payments will be available upon signing a publishing agreement for games that meet the CPI targets below, while Successful Launch payments will be made in instalments thereafter based on certain milestones:

CPI (Android)CPI (iOS)Signing BonusSuccessful Launch

For a successfully launched game, that’s a massive total of up to $100,000 in advances for any challenger who hits these milestones; nearly $40,000 of which can be earned before the game is even launched worldwide! Then there’s the Tesla Model 3 – we’re offering one seriously state-of-the-art car for the first Hypercasual Hero to soar past our downloads target.

But that’s not the end of the story! On top of this, we’ll work with you as an experienced publishing partner to make your game as successful as it can be, bringing it to millions of players while you reap the benefits in the form of substantial, ongoing and uncapped profit share payments.

Even better, our trusted attribution partner Tenjin will be partnering with us on Hypercasual Heroes with rewards to help bolster any mobile game developer’s toolkit. Developers that pass the retention test phase of the challenge will get a Tenjin certificate worth $1,000 that they can use under a special ‘Indie’ plan in Tenjin (25 million tracked events included per month), while those who pass the soft launch stage will get a certificate worth a further $6,000 under the same plan!

For the uninitiated, don’t worry if you’re confused by all the stuff about testing and numbers above. Concentrate on making a prototype that looks and feels really fun to play, submit a video through our portal and we’ll handle the testing that could propel you to Hypercasual Hero status! And don’t be afraid to keep trying – failing fast is the key and there’s no limit on how many eligible games you can submit. 

More than numbers

As a company that constantly builds prototypes internally (the vast, vast majority of which don’t make it to release), we know firsthand that a great game will not always get the metrics needed to launch.

But we believe that every discarded prototype teaches us something and therefore plays just as crucial a role in our process as the games that get released. 

So what are you waiting for? Every game submitted and tested through our Publishing Portal is a step towards succeeding in Hypercasual Heroes and we’re unbelievably excited to see you all getting creative with your games over the next two months.

*The trademarks TESLA and MODEL 3 are owned by Tesla, Inc. The Challenge is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Tesla, Inc. Tesla Model 3 awarded will be purchased by Kwalee and transferred to developer.

If you have any questions about Hypercasual Heroes, you can contact us on The Hypercasual Heroes’ challenge including potential rewards is subject to the  Kwalee Hypercasual Heroes Challenge & Kwalee Developer Portal Submission Terms and Conditions.