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TENS!: Introducing Our First Console Game

Tens game kwalee

If you’ve been tuned into PAX Online, you might have seen the announcement trailer for our upcoming sudoku game variant TENS! during the Nintendo Life Indie Spotlight.


To recap, TENS! is an incredibly satisfying puzzle game that smartly combines familiar block-dropping gameplay with a Sudoku game style mechanic. Allocated different combinations of dice to fit onto the game board, players can rotate these shapes to maximum effect with the aim of totalling exactly 10 in any row or column.


But to achieve this goal, players will have to adapt to special tiles that re-roll their dice to random values, push carefully-placed dice in a different direction, or even warp them randomly to another spot on the board!


Whether facing off against formidable bosses in the vibrant Adventure Mode, playing against your own high scores in the compelling Endless Mode, or even challenging your friends in competitive local multiplayer, TENS! will challenge players to play smartly to win when it launches later this year.

But in what might come as a surprise to those who know Kwalee as the home of Hyper Casual games, TENS! will be launching as a premium title for Nintendo Switch.


This will make it Kwalee’s first game for console rather than mobile, but comes backed with decades of dev experience in the area. Our teams are brim with console gaming pedigree from CEO David Darling (co-founder of Codemasters) and COO Jason Falcus (industry veteran with credits on games including NBA Jam and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo), to team members in various positions who have experience working on hit console titles.




Also, TENS! on Nintendo Switch does not signal a move away from Hyper Casual mobile games. Rather it’s another example of how we are continually looking to expand and grow as a company that makes games millions love.


With that said, we will still develop and publish the best Hyper Casual games around. This year has already been great, with multiple hits helping us fast-approach the half a billion download mark!


So keep an eye out for mobile releases of our own. Just be sure to do it while giving TENS! a go on your Switch when it’s released later this year!


 Learn more about TENS! or pitch your project to our PC & Console scouting team, and we’ll get in touch with you. Meanwhile, introduce yourself in our Discord, and follow us on our social media (TikTok | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook) for the latest on our PC and console titles.

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