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This Month At Kwalee (June 2021)

This Month At Kwalee June 2021

This month at Kwalee, we’re starting something new: This Month At Kwalee!


It’s a truly exciting time for us right now and we want to share what’s going on with you with this new monthly update feature.


We want to talk about our activities and events, the things we’re sponsoring, our place in gaming industry news, and (of course) the games themselves.


This month at Kwalee is just the beginning!


NEWS – extra, extra!


This month, Kwalee has had stories featured by the likes of Pocket Gamer, Gamasutra,, and more.


The success of Teacher Simulator has been front-and-centre, as it recently surpassed 30 million downloads. This game is particularly special to us because of the role it played in supporting FareShare, the Marcus Rashford-backed charity committed to fighting child food poverty.


100% of the UK profits from advertisements and in-app purchases in the first school week was donated to FareShare. You can read more about this here… 


Gamasutra: ‘Top Marks for Success: Kwalee’s Teacher Simulator has crossed 30 million teachers!’


Pocket Gamer: Teacher Simulator, Kwalee’s charming sim about managing schoolkids, surpasses 30 million downloads’


Also in the news, Kwalee’s $30 million growth spurt in India has been featured by Danielle Partis, News Editor at


Kwalee CEO, David Darling, has said:


“Our Bangalore team contains experienced and talented developers alongside publishing team members who know hypercasual inside out. We think that’s a really great combination for indie devs to learn from and we certainly want to keep connecting with the Bangalore development community.”


Read more over at ‘Kwalee’s £20m growth spurt in India’


These milestones, among others, culminated in us being named as a Finalist in the Best Publisher category at the Mobile Games Awards this month! We’re in great company and look forward to the winners being announced next month.


Additionally, Barclays Games & Esports has conducted an interview with our CEO David Darling about the rise of hypercasual games. Check out the full interview here!


What sparked a new rise in hypercasual mobile games? 📱🤔

We got the latest from @DavidDarling, CEO of UK studio @kwalee, about why mobile gaming is on the up and how their in-house game jams are creating top hits.

Get the scoop:

— Barclays Games & Esports (@BarclaysGames) June 25, 2021


Lastly, and keep this just between us, our PC & Console publisher scouting team might just have their eye on a few titles you’ll be hearing about in the coming months.


Speaking of which…


STEAM SUMMER SALE – alas, poor wallet


Steam Summer Sale 2021 Consolidated


It’s that time again! The Steam Summer Sale has arrived, which means you can pick up a discounted copy of Eternal Hope and TENS!


TENS! combines sudoku-style number puzzles and block-dropping gameplay. The aim of TENS! is simple: place dice on the board, make ‘tens’ in any row or column and clear the board to win.


Eternal Hope is a stylish and colourful puzzle platformer. Granted the ability to shift between dimensions by the Keeper of Souls, this power enables you to solve puzzles and meet otherworldly beings that may help or hinder your journey to save your beloved’s soul. 


Additionally, we have published a handy Achievement guide for Eternal Hope on Steam, which aims to help players collect all those pesky hidden souls on their puzzle-solving, world-hopping quest.


Grab your Steam copy of TENS! and Eternal Hope here!


Eternal Hope Steam




We take great pride in the team we’ve built at Kwalee and it gets stronger with every hire.


If you want to be surrounded by supportive and passionate people who will encourage your creativity regardless of your position, you’re in the right place!


Learn more about life at Kwalee and check out our vacancies here.



That’s all for our first This Month At Kwalee update.


We’ve got a lot we can’t wait to share with you, but all good things, as they say…

Passionate minds of Kwalee, delivering captivating insights for gamers and developers alike.

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