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People Make Kwalee: International Women’s Day

people make kwalee

It’s International Women’s Day! For this People Make Kwalee entry, we brought together a few of Kwalee’s brilliant women, from various departments and across all three of our global studios, to talk a bit about how they came across the games industry and what they love about it.


Who knows – it might inspire you to start your journey in the gamedev business. Their words are a reminder that there’s no single route into this industry, so it might be closer than you realise.   

Here’s what we got to know after sitting down with them for a chat.

Why did you want to join the games industry?

Kotryna, Tools Programmer: I never had a specific reason to go into gaming. However when I was choosing what to study, I wanted to learn how to program and found one course called game engineering. I figured that it should be a fun and interesting way to learn programming. That is how I chose the games industry.



Jess, Game Designer: I’ve loved playing games from a young age. I’ve got so many fond memories from playing them with my dad, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends and online friends. This made me really intrigued to understand and learn the process of how games are made and then hopefully create those happy, fun experiences for other people.



Ana QA tester

Ana, QA Tester: My friends always said you have to work in a big multinational corporation. I said, ‘it doesn’t matter, as long as you are surrounded by the folks who share the same interest.’ A place where everyone has one thing in common: we love gaming! It’s gonna be the place where we turn our dreams into reality, which is why I chose this industry!




Veera Office manager at Kwalee
Vera .jpeg

Vera, Office Admin: In my previous company, I was dedicated to fostering a pleasant working environment for my team. I get a lot of joy from that type of work. The gaming industry is brand new to me but it’s fascinating because it’s all about creating fun and joy, so I feel organically attracted to it. The energy here fits really nicely with how I work.





Joanne, Game Researcher: I truly never envisioned a career in the games industry. I grew up carrying my little Game Boy Advance SP around my neck everywhere I went, so when I saw my present role as an opening at Kwalee I jumped at the opportunity. Now being a part of the industry for a little over a year I’ve learnt that I enjoy being a part of a relaxed work environment, where your creativity and ideas are always welcomed, and there’s room here for every individual.


Describe your experience so far of working in the games industry.



Kotryna, Tools Programmer: I like the friends and connections I made. There are so many people from all around the world. It’s interesting to talk to them, hear their experience and see different cultures.



Jess, Game Designer: I definitely like the people best! The people make Kwalee the way it is. I’m so lucky to have a job that I’m actually excited to get up in the morning and go to work to, not many people have that.


Ana, QA Tester: Well, I remember the time when I first came to know about this company. I did my little research and checked the Meet the Team video, and heard a guy called Simon say ‘we have a robot’. It sounded fun and from that time ‘til now, all I can see is that Kwalee is growing. It’s great to be a part of that and the best part is, Kwalee actually provides opportunities to everyone.


Vera, Office Admin: Kwalee is not only a place to work but also a family. The team members support one another and seeing their passion and trust always encourages me ever since my first day here. Kwalee encourages everybody to come forward with new ideas. It is a growing company that gives us the opportunity to grow together. I like this relaxed, happy, equal, free working atmosphere. It is really an amazing place to work and industry to be a part of.

Joanne, Game Researcher: You learn from some of the best in the industry at Kwalee. You are also constantly encouraged to think of ways you can do your job better and are surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to give your ideas a try. These very people make Kwalee an amazing place to work at. There is always someone to help you when you’re stuck, teach you something you don’t know, cheer you on, and inspire you to do your best.


We’re building on our fundamental principles of mutual respect between our team members to create an inclusive place to work where women in games can reach their full potential. If that’s the type of career experience you want, then apply to one of our positions!


We’re hiring across pretty much all areas, so check out our careers page to see what we might have for you.

Passionate minds of Kwalee, delivering captivating insights for gamers and developers alike.

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