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Our Women in Games Ambassador, Jahnavi Gupta

Jahnavi Gupta, Women in Games Ambassador, stands center stage against a vibrant purple backdrop. The Women in Games logo graces the corner, surrounded by images of diverse game consoles.

Women in Games, a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009, addresses the gender gap in the games industry. With a mission to raise the presence of women in games and esports, the organisation emphasises the importance of diversity for stronger teams, better insights, and innovative products. Despite progress, the global average of women in the industry remains at 22%, with only 16% represented in executive teams of the top 15 game companies.


To raise the profile, awareness and mission of the organisation, individuals from games companies can apply to become an ambassador, to help spread the word and encourage women to follow their dreams and join the industry. Here at Kwalee, we are proud to be a Corporate Ambassador and fortunate to have a fantastic team of individual ambassadors. In this series of articles, we will be finding out more from the team, beginning with Jahnavi Gupta, about what it’s like to be an ambassador and their experience in the industry so far. 


Hello there, please introduce yourself!

Hello everyone, my name is Jahnavi Gupta and I have been working with Kwalee for two years as a Talent Acquisition Business Partner, and I am based in our new India office, which looks beautiful! (We’ll share more on this with you soon). 


Let’s start with your role, tell us more about being a Talent Acquisition Business Partner. 

Before Kwalee, I was working with a Consultancy as an EU/UK Recruiter. As the name suggests, I was responsible for hiring in the Europe and UK region for technology roles required by various companies. I came across the Talent Acquisition Business Partner vacancy on LinkedIn, which immediately grabbed my attention, since a career in the games industry was something I had never thought to move into.

I chose to enter the games industry mainly because of the role diversity, creativity and dynamic environment. This industry offers a wide range of roles including game development, technology, marketing, customer support etc which makes our job really exciting because there is always something new. And last but not the least, I love mobile games. I have been playing Hyper Casual and Casual games for a long time, and to be a part of the same industry is a great feeling.


So, after researching the company and the games industry, wanting to become involved, I applied, and after two years I am here and enjoying every moment.


My current job includes collaborating with the hiring managers to understand the workforce requirements and talent needs that match the skills and qualifications that the role requires. I source candidates through various channels like LinkedIn, Naukri, headhunting and various job boards. I handle the end to end recruitment process ensuring that the candidates have a respectful and a positive interview experience. 


Jahnavi Gupta, The Women in Games ambassador insignia showcases a striking red 'W' at its core within a red circle. The organization's name elegantly encircles the emblem in black lettering, embodying its identity.

If someone wanted to get into this role, what advice would you give them?

To become a talent acquisition business partner, start by grasping the recruiter's roles and the entire recruitment process. Build a robust online presence, especially on LinkedIn, and cultivate a professional network. Familiarise yourself with various industries and their offerings. Stay current with industry trends, job market dynamics, and evolving hiring practices. If you're new, consider an internship for practical experience and insight into the daily responsibilities of the role. This foundational understanding, coupled with networking and ongoing learning, will pave the way for success in talent acquisition.


Tell us about being a ‘Women in Games Ambassador’. 

I have been a Women in Games Ambassador for 6 months now. The main reason why I wanted to become an ambassador is because I want to increase the visibility of women in various roles within the games community, and also to help and promote a cultural shift by encouraging more inclusivity and diversity.


Since becoming an ambassador there has been fantastic news from the Swedish Games Industry, who published the Game Developer Index. They said that “44% of all new hires were women” which is a significant increase from the previous year.


So far, I have joined a gaming community in my city where we are helping them prepare their portfolios and resumes for job applications. We are making them aware of how the industry works and how to proceed with the next steps if you want to start your own games company. 

If someone wanted to be a ‘Women in Games’ ambassador, what advice would you give?

If someone wanted to be an ambassador, I would recommend connecting with individuals who are already making an effort to promote inclusivity and diversity in the industry. Attend industry events and join communities who share similar goals. Remember to promote mentorship to help individuals entering the industry, and always acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of those who are trying, that works as a big motivator to move forward.


If you're inspired by the exciting games and culture at Kwalee, explore the opportunities we have waiting for you.

Experienced Talent Acquisition Business Partner Jahnavi, is passionate about connecting organisations with top talent, specialising in strategic recruitment, diversity, and exceptional candidate experiences.

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