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Women in Games Ambassador, Alex Severino

In the foreground, Alex Severino is portrayed amidst vibrant Kwalee brand colors of yellow and black, surrounded by playful shapes. The Women in Games logo adds a touch of inclusivity and diversity, embodying the spirit of empowerment within the gaming industry.

Following inspiring conversations with Jen Flannery and Jahnavi Gupta, we're excited to now introduce Alex Severino, another Women in Games Ambassador here at Kwalee. In this interview, we explore Alex's games journey and the impact of their role. Alex will share their valuable insights into the games industry and how crucial advocacy is for diversity.


Alex, let’s begin by looking at your career history, where did it all begin?

Hello, I'm Alex Severino, I’ve been the Technical Product Manager here at Kwalee for over six months. The work culture here is amazing, emphasising collaboration and innovation. I feel privileged to work with such talented colleagues and industry experts, who have impressive records in gaming and business, ultimately fueling innovation and growth.


Before Kwalee, I spent a decade as a manager at the British Language Training Centre in Amsterdam, introducing computer testing and digital innovations. Seeking to expand my skills, I completed a full-stack developers bootcamp and transitioned into a Product Manager role at a startup, launching an app for artists' printing services. This journey led me to a senior position at MTc, working on an app integrating electric vehicle charging protocols with local business loyalty programs.


I’ve always been passionate about gaming, so when an opportunity came up at Kwalee, I had to apply. To me, nothing ignites emotions like a workplace driven by creativity, innovation, and fantasy.

What key responsibilities does a Technical Product Manager have in Kwalee?

I see my role as a central connection for the team, keeping everyone linked throughout the product development process. Every day, I gather and share updates with all the stakeholders involved. Importantly, I guide the product's direction by collecting data from the team and make informed, data-driven decisions. In addition to these tasks, I oversee all the processes related to the product, taking responsibility for documentation, reporting, and charts in the product development phase.


Alex Severino, our colleague, gazes out over a tranquil river with a steel bridge stretching into the distance. The calm waters reflect the serenity of the moment, while the bridge stands as a symbol of connection and journey ahead.

If someone wanted to be a Technical Product Manager, what advice would you give them?

If someone is interested in my career, a key skill of communication is crucial; it's the heart of what I do. Next, being open to listening and having a connection with data is key. These are the basics of product management – empathetic communication and making decisions based on data. While the data part can be learned, the skill of communication and building professional relationships internally and externally is something that needs to come naturally.

Tell us about being a ‘Women in Games Ambassador’.

 Becoming an ambassador for Women in Games just resonated deeply with me. Inspired by my wife's tech career journey and the upbringing of my three daughters, I'm committed to championing equality. Also, since working at Kwalee, I have been inspired as I found out many team members at Kwalee, including our CEO David Darling, support Women in Games, championing their mission and objectives. So in October 2023, I joined Women in Games as an Ambassador.


Women in Games continually seek ways to amplify their mission and raise awareness. I have also noticed significant changes in other industries that we can bring into the games industry. For instance, as of writing this, Ryan Gosling criticised the Oscars' decision to not nominate director Greta Gerwig and actress Margot Robbie for the movie "Barbie." While women and critics had already raised concerns, it’s important that men and women stand shoulder to shoulder. Although it's a different industry, this hopefully signals a positive trend that could move into the games industry, and I hope to be one of those people to help this movement.


To support Women in Games as an ambassador, I am currently recording the first episode of a podcast that offers a platform for women who work or would like to work in the games industry to speak about their challenges, experiences, achievements, etc. The podcast follows an interview format of around 20 minutes per monthly episode, and I can’t wait to begin launching it.

If someone wanted to be a ‘Women in Games’ ambassador, what advice would you give them? Do they need any particular skills? 

It's a fantastic initiative for industry professionals to combat patriarchy and its injustices by becoming a 'Women in Games' ambassador. No specific skills are needed, just a dedication to challenging gender bias and promoting inclusivity within the games industry.

We are always on the lookout for individuals who want to make a difference in the games industry.  Follow us on social media for more updates too (TikTok | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook), or sign up to our Kwalee newsletter.

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