We’ve Made Our Support for Women in Games Official!

Diversity has always been a huge importance to us here at Kwalee, with our 70+ strong team coming from all across the world and from all walks of life.

Hypercasual is arguably one of the broadest gaming genres out there with the most mass appeal, so how could we confidently create hypercasual games without a diverse team?

Throughout our collective experience in the world of gaming however, we all know that there’s still a long way to go until things are equal and as diverse as they could be when it comes to gender diversity in gaming, with more needing to be done from the ground up through education, all the way how some studios hire. 

Because of that ongoing challenge, we’re over the moon to announce that we’re the latest Corporate Ambassador of Women in Games, and are proud to be the first hypercasual publisher to become one, and to stand alongside our new fellow ambassadors!

We already have an ambassador of Women in Games in our Talent Acquisition Executive Jennifer Koch, alongside a team that is passionate about this, so it’s felt like becoming an ambassador as an entire business has been a long time coming, and we can’t wait to get working alongside the fast growing Women in Games team.

For us, the aim of becoming an ambassador is to truly inspire more women to consider a career in gaming and help the entire industry become a more equal place to be. We recently conducted a study that found that there is almost no difference whatsoever when it comes to how fun or enjoyable women view a job in gaming vs. men (58% of women think getting a job in gaming would be fun/enjoyable vs. 62% of men). However more than a third of women feel gaming is an industry they would find difficult to break into. Something obviously needs to change and we want to play a part in it!

Keep an eye out on the blog and social media for updates on our partnership with Women in Games, as we’re planning on doing a lot this year! Alternatively, if you’re reading this and want to make your way into the games industry, why not take a look at our current roles – we’d love to hear from you!