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William Cox Shares Advice From his Games Career and Love for Formula One

Picture shows Will Cox and Mattie Barter, with a red Formula One Car in the background.

Hello and welcome back! In this episode of Kwalee Gaming, we're shifting gears from the insights of Simon Platt to explore the career of another industry leader – William Cox. Join us as we gain exclusive access to his invaluable tips, and unravel the international influences that have shaped his path in the games industry.


What was it about games that first attracted you? 

That's a tough one,  the roots probably go way back to my grandfather. He was a technology enthusiast of his time, really into radios and such. I remember he had a BBC Micro when I was a kid, and I'd find myself in his computer room when we visited every weekend, diving into games like Commander Keen and the original Prince of Persia. Later, we got our hands on a Gameboy, and it was game on from there. Those console leaps were mind-blowing, you know? Going from a Mega Drive to a PlayStation, I was hooked, keeping tabs on every release like a pro. And that is where I would say it all started.


When you attended Bournemouth University and studied business, what led you to choose that path?

I've always had an interest in business and a drive to run things and make objectives happen. Looking back, I'd say it was overall a good decision. In fact, I was reflecting on this recently, and the only thing I'd change is my level of dedication. If I could turn back time and go to university again, I'd work my tail off for those four years without a doubt.


Have you always been good at working with others, or did you have to learn and develop this skill over time??

That's a good question, to be honest, if you asked some of my previous bosses, you'd likely hear different opinions. From my perspective, it's a skill that's developed over time, I can't really point to specific actions or strategies that I used. I guess it is just something that naturally grew with the years of experience, (probably more years than I'd like to admit.)

William Cox Shares Advice From his Global Games Career and Love for Formula One

What advice would you offer to individuals at the beginning of their journey or those already on their way?

From my experience, one of the most important points of a successful career journey is finding a good manager. Find someone who supports and challenges you in the right way, a person you can work well with. Unfortunately, a bad manager can hinder your progress. I've been fortunate to have had fantastic managers at times, and during those periods, I've seen my career take off. On the flip side, I've also had my fair share of terrible managers, leading to feeling like I was in a slump.  Finally, curiosity, it's essential to understand what others in your organisation do even if their roles seem unrelated to yours. A good knowledge base helps you excel in your career and handle more responsibilities as you progress. As you advance in your chosen pathway, you'll be overseeing areas you haven't personally experienced, so grasping what others do and how it connects to your work is a valuable skill.

 How is your Formula 1 knowledge? Join us in the podcast to put your Formula 1 knowledge to the test (alongside William.) Join us for an exclusive look into the world of William Cox, we can't wait to share it with you!


Matthew Barter, our Ambassador and Content Manager here at Kwalee, is a seasoned content creator, actor, and educator with 10+ years' experience.

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