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Such Policy. Many Dog. Yay.

Kwalee office dogs

For as long as there’s been Kwalee, there have been dogs around. And although we’re a whole lot bigger now (and more people means more dogs), it’s official: with the official dog policy in place, Kwalee is now dog-friendly! Meaning, all who work at the Kwalee UK office can bring their pooches over whenever they like.


This means that our employees can look forward to having their furry friends alongside them at work – whether working from home or at the office.


CEO David Darling, a dog person himself, opened up about the decisions behind it:



“Dogs are nice! Why wouldn’t you want them around, right?”

Indeed, here’s a snap from the archives of Diddy; officially the first Kwalee dog and adorable proof that our canine friends have been with us since the birth of Kwalee.

This doesn’t come without some ground rules being set, though! Amongst other rules, team members are expected to monitor their dogs at all times, keep them well-behaved, and ensure they’ve had training prior to bringing them to the office. But, much like our humans, the dogs of Kwalee are all lovely so that’s hardly a concern.

Nevertheless, this decision reflects our open-minded nature along with a curiosity and intent to try new things and accept interesting challenges as they come. So if you’re looking to join a fulfilling game development company with a wholesome environment, with both great humans and great dogs, check out our vacancies.




And of course, stalk our dogs on Twitter and Instagram if you want! #PetsOfKwalee has you covered.


Rocco says ‘hi,’ by the way.




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