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Why we’re embracing remote working beyond the COVID-19 pandemic


Prior to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, we had never considered hiring employees on a remote basis. We have a great studio in Leamington Spa for our growing team of more than 75 to work and socialise, so we never felt the need to explore remote work apart from in exceptional circumstances.


Of course, exceptional circumstances are now precisely what we all find ourselves in and like so many other companies, we’ve had to quickly learn how to work effectively from home. We’re incredibly lucky to be in an industry where we can do so, and particularly to be able to continue hiring. 


With no real history of remote work at Kwalee, we’ve had plenty to learn. But we’ve seen enough productivity, particularly in certain areas, to show us that remote work can be an effective way of working for us. We even launched our latest game, Bake It, all while working from home!


That’s why, for the first time ever, we’re opening up certain vacancies to remote applicants, starting with 14 key roles across multiple departments. While for most of us working remotely is only a temporary measure, these roles are now open to those who need to work from their homes on a permanent basis, from anywhere in the world. 


For us, there are multiple benefits to this. The most exciting aspect is that it allows us to cast the net wider and to work with the very best talent available without any concerns over whether they can work in the studio. After all, our productivity under lockdown restrictions has proven that we have the ability to collaborate creatively and efficiently without occupying the same physical space.


Of course, we remain incredibly proud of what we’ve built in Leamington Spa; this is our home and we will continue to grow our on-site team alongside these new remote roles. For us, embracing remote work is just a fantastic opportunity to augment everything we’ve already achieved with our growing team by welcoming those who have the passion and ability to make a contribution but don’t have the ability to relocate.


The following positions are the first to be opened to either those able to work at Kwalee’s Leamington Spa HQ, or anyone looking to join the team remotely, with all applications considered on case by case basis:


  • Hypercasual Game Designer
  • Game Programmer
  • Full Stack Engineer / Server Programmer
  • Publishing Manager
  • Publishing Executive


If you’re curious, learn more about our benefits (including the ability to pitch your game ideas each week, alongside a generous profit share scheme that paid out £1 million in little more than a year!) and to see our full list of current vacancies.


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