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30 MILLION Teachers Have Entered the Classroom!

Teacher simulator game

What was once a funny little Creative Wednesday game that tickled our funny bones has turned out to be our newest blockbuster: Teacher Simulator has crossed 30 million downloads this month!


Released globally in November 2020, Teacher Simulator was identified as a standout performer by our dev team from an early stage, appealing broadly with its quirky gameplay and nostalgic value. It’s now a new flagship of ours, earning its seat alongside our other major hits such as Shootout 3D (35 million downloads), Bake It (49 million downloads), and Draw It (94 million+ downloads).


Part of the  Teacher Simulator story that makes us particularly proud, though, is the big role it played in the fight against child food poverty. We pledged every penny of the UK profits made from the game’s ads and in-app purchases over the first week of the school term to the Marcus Rashford-backed charity FareShare.


Our delighted CEO David Darling had this to say on the game’s success: “It’s great to see a game like this reaching so many players and still continuing to grow. That so many players clearly want to engage with new experiences like Teacher Simulator fills us with pride and confidence to keep making unique titles with a broad range of influences.”


Teach Simulator game


Simon Platt, our Head of Development, was ecstatic about the game’s success and full of praise for the development team:


‘We couldn’t have reached this milestone without the support of our amazing teams. They’ve worked tirelessly to bring you the kind of fun that attracts and surprises folks around us, so we feel humbled when news like this comes up. It always reminds us why we’re doing this and why making games is the best thing, bar none.’


We’ve come a long way making hypercasual games for players all around the world, and our streak of successes like Teacher Simulator shows we’re on the right path. But this train ain’t stoppin’ anytime soon and we’re always eager to check out fresh hypercasual titles by devs interested in working with us!


If you haven’t heard, we’ve been quite busy getting loads of talented peeps joining the Kwalee family from across the world. We’re more than 160 people strong! Currently, there are openings in the Beijing (China) and Bengaluru (India) offices as well as remote opportunities with no geographical restrictions.


So take a peek at our unique offers and consider joining us to help bring more hits like Teacher Simulator into the world!

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